New chairlifts for Winter 2015 in the Portes Du Soleil


For this coming winter several new chair lifts have been built in the Portes Du Soleil ski area which should make a huge improvement to the flow of holiday makers around the resort and make everyone’s holiday here in Morzine more enjoyable.


Super Morzine:

On the Super Morzine area 2 chairs have been replaced, the Seraussaix and the Proclou. For anyone who has skied the area before, you’ll know this area tended to get pretty backed up which could result in long waits to access Avoriaz and the return back to Morzine at the end of the day.

The Proclou has now been replaced by a high speed 6 man so hopefully this will greatly reduce waiting time in the morning on the way over to Avoriaz.  After all no one wants to be waiting around in the cold when they could be skiing!

The Seraussaix which leaves from the same place but heads back towards Super Morzine has also been replaced. This is the main way back to Morzine from Avoriaz and the last thing you needed after a hard day on the mountain was to get stuck here in a big queue, when all you really wanted was to be heading down for a nice warm Vin Chaud! So a new high speed chair here will be a massive improvement. The finishing point for this lift has also been moved along the ridge meaning that instead of the long flat track back to Super Morzine (which was, let’s be honest a total pain - especially for snowboarders ) it’s now a shorter steeper run down to the Zorre and Tetras pistes. All in all a much more streamlined route between Morzine and Avoriaz allowing for more time on the slopes and less time in queues.


To get from Linga to Super Chatel in the past you had to take a bus across Chatel town which was time consuming and frustrating and tended to put people off visiting Super Chatel and beyond. Now 2 chairs have been added to the Vonnes area of Chatel close to the Swiss border. New pistes have been created to meet up with these chairs and will enable you to ski to super Chatel without needing to take the bus from Linga. This will hopefully be a massive improvement and encourage people to visit the wonderful ski areas found over there. It will also make the tour of the Portes du Soleil much more enjoyable. If this is something you haven’t tried we would thoroughly recommend it as a great way to see just how vast and beautiful the Portes du Soleil ski area actually is.


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